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Chessie Faulkner RIP 
(May 23, 1992-December 15, 2001) 
We Miss You Very Much, Chessie!

Chessie was bred for us from a cat that Cherie used to cat sit. She was presented to us in August 1992 as a wedding gift. She was very special to both of us, and we still miss her very much.


Koko Faulkner
(September 30, 1996 - )

We adopted Koko in November 1996 on the weekend before Thanksgiving from Second Chance pet adoptions at a local pet store. Even with all the hubbub in the store and the many people trying to adopt pets, Koko feel asleep in my arms, so she had to come home with us. She remains very much my faithful and constant companion.


Kona Faulkner
(March 30, 2002 - )

After the death of Chessie, we decided to adopt a new kitten in the summer of 2002. We adopted Kona on August 3, 2002 from SAFE Haven for Cats. She and Koko adjusted very well to one another, and we're glad to have another member of the family. She has certainly reminded us of what it's like to have a kitten again! :-)

August 3, 2002
September 5, 2002
September 7, 2002

Chessie and Koko Together with Cherie

Chessie and Koko would often curl up with Cherie when she takes a nap. Chessie would usually growl if Koko was this close to her, but she would tolerate Koko when they both napped with Cherie.


Koko and Kona Together

November 9, 2002
November 17, 2002
November 29, 2002
January 19, 2003

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