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Construction Mileposts
02/21/2009 Progress Report
01/06/2009 Progress Report
12/31/2008 Progress Report
08/19/2007 Progress Report
01/31/2007 Progress Report
12/31/2006 Progress Report
06/26/2006 Progress Report
05/07/2006 Progress Report
04/11/2006 Progress Report
03/17/2006 Progress Report
01/16/2006 Progress Report
12/11/2005 Progress Report
08/21/2005 Progress Report
05/16/2005 Progress Report
03/06/2005 Progress Report
01/08/2005 Progress Report
11/09/2004 Progress Report
09/15/2004 Progress Report
08/25/2004 Progress Report
08/15/2004 Progress Report
07/31/2004 Progress Report
06/21/2004 Progress Report
06/14/2004 Progress Report
04/28/2004 Progress Report
03/31/2004  Progress Report
01/31/2004 Progress Report
01/01/2004 Progress Report
12/21/2003 Progress Report
12/17/2003 Progress Report
11/28/2003 Progress Report
10/30/2003 Progress Report
09/30/2003 Progress Report
08/21/2003  Progress Report
07/06/2003 Progress Report
06/01/2003 Progress Report
05/28/2003 Progress Report
03/30/2003 Progress Report
03/17/2003 Progress Report
02/12/2003 Progress Report
01/06/2003 Progress Report
11/24/2002 Progress Report
11/12/2002 Progress Report
10/04/2002 Progress Report
09/15/2002 Progress Report
08/23/2002 Progress Report
08/05/2002 Progress Report
07/09/2002 Progress Report
06/25/2002 Progress Report
06/02/2002 Progress Report
05/12/2002 Progress Report
05/03/2002 Progress Report
04/04/2002 Progress Report
03/15/2002 Progress Report
03/03/2002 Progress Report
02/24/2002 Progress Report
01/27/2002 Progress Report
12/31/2001 Progress Report
10/13/2001 Progress Report
08/05/2001 Progress Report
07/30/2001 Progress Report

Construction progress reports and pictures will document the building of the CSXT Shenandoah Division V2.0 layout. These reports will be posted whenever sufficient progress warrants, so check the What's New section for the latest updates. 

Layout construction began on January 19, 2002, so look for updates here as construction progresses on the railroad.

Index of Progress Reports

As of 03/31/2009, I've started adding an index of the construction progress reports to help locate various items about which I receive questions.

Report Date

Report Title

Photos or Topics

02/21/2009 Slingin' Plaster at Hanging Rock, Catawba Tunnel, and Abbott Cardboard webbing and masking tape at Hanging Rock, north end of Catawba, Catawba Tunnel, and Abbott; installation of plaster cloth in all these areas; foam insulation at Hanging Rock and Catawba; highway overpass and downtown district at Catawba; basswood "concrete" blocks for slide switch turnout controls
01/06/2009 Returning to Scenery by Installing Tunnels Tunnel portals and liners at Hanging Rock and Catawba Tunnels; Cardboard webbing and masking tape at Hanging Rock Tunnel
12/31/2008 The Year 2008 in Review  
01/31/2004 Signal Maintainers Activate Covington Subdivision Mainline; Connellsville/Winchester Staging; Track Crews Continue Progress Connellsville/Winchester staging yard; Digitrax signaling components; slide switch turnout controls


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