06/01/2003 Progress Report
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Since the 05/28/2003 Progress Report, more work has been accomplished.

Thanks to some help from the crew at a recent work session, risers and plywood subroadbed have been installed now from High Meadow, Va. to the curve near the north end of Ridgemont, Va. Also, Subvinylbed has been laid for the mainline along this newly installed subroadbed.


Progress as of June 1, 2003

Overall view at the end of the aisle showing the High Meadow, Va. area in the background on the upper level with Ridgemont, Va. on the right. The northbound grade peaks at 2.0% in the corner by the window before leveling off for the Blue Spring Wood Products spur and south end of Ridgemont passing siding.


The south end of Ridgemont is just to the right of the window. All of the backdrop sections on the upper level are temporarily placed for the pictures.


Looking southward at Ridgemont. The Subvinylbed has been installed on the mainline. Both the main and the passing siding (in the foreground) await the installation of Vinylbed roadbed.


Another view of Ridgemont. The southbound grade peaks at 2.5% at the south end of Ridgemont, requiring pushers for southbound trains from Covington.


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