05/28/2003 Progress Report
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OK, OK, it has been a while since I've posted a progress report, but life has been incredibly hectic this Spring, and I've spent the "railroad time" that I've had by actually working on the railroad rather than updating the web site. Progress does continue to be made on the layout, however.

Since the 03/30/2003 Progress Report, several mileposts have been achieved on the railroad. The spurs for the James River Paper Co. in Catawba have been installed, and the mainline has been extended north from Abbott to Broad Run Tunnel, where it has been tied into the "New Castle peninsula" salvaged from the previous layout. The lower level mainline is now complete from Wadesboro to Broad Run Tunnel. Backdrop sections have started to be installed at the town of Catawba as well.

Track has started to be installed on the upper level. The mainline is complete from Laurel (leaving the "New Castle peninsula") to Mud Run Bridge at High Meadow, Va. The passing siding at Laurel has been installed, as has the diamond and connection track with the NS CR&E Division at Shenandoah Junction, Va. The subroadbed and Vinylbed has been installed for all the industries at Laurel. Subroadbed has also been installed for the NS CR&E Charleston, W. Va. staging yard. The subroadbed and risers for the CSXT mainline have been extended to the south end of the Ridgemont passing siding.

A few work sessions have been held since the last progress report to help with the things described above, and I'm very appreciative of the help I've been given by the "work crew."


Progress as of May 28, 2003

South end of Catawba showing backdrop installation.


Another view of Catawba showing the James River spurs curving off into the newly installed backdrop.


Looking northward at Catawba. The James River spurs go through the backdrop, and the paper mill will consist of several large building flats set at an angle to the backdrop with the backdrop openings hidden by the mill.


Mainline north of Abbott at Chimney Rock Tunnel. The James River spurs at Catawba are in the background below the brown back side of the Catawba backdrop.


Overall view of the Broad Run area showing the mainline completed to the "New Castle peninsula" on the left.


Overall view of Broad Run on the lower level and Laurel on the upper level, showing the tracks from the salvaged "New Castle peninsula" connected to the new portion of the layout on both levels.


Another view of Laurel showing the connection to the "New Castle peninsula." Dixie Plastic & Forming will be located on the spur in the background.


View of Laurel showing the Vinylbed roadbed installed for the Appalachian Power Co. Laurel plant. These two tracks will extend behind the backdrop above the James River spurs at Catawba on the lower level, enabling a unit coal train to swap loads for empties.


View of Laurel from the north end looking south.


Overall view of Laurel on the upper level and Abbott on the lower level.


View of Shenandoah Junction showing the diamond with the NS Charleston, Roanoke, & Eastern Division. The connection track to the left of the diamond allows NS trains to operate over the CSXT Shenandoah Division between Shenandoah Junction and Roanoke Junction (in Salem). In the background to the left is the 4-track Charleston, W. Va. staging yard representing the west end of the NS CR&E Division.


Another view of Shenandoah Junction looking northward towards the summit at High Meadow. The CSXT mainline has been extended to Mud Run Bridge in the center of the picture at the very back of the aisle. The northbound grade from Shenandoah Junction to High Meadow, Va. is 2.0%.


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