03/30/2003 Progress Report
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Visible progress has slowed somewhat on the Shenandoah Division, but there is still work being done on the railroad.

Since the 03/17/2003 Progress Report, most of the work that has been done has involved trying to take advantage of the nice spring weather to mass cut wood. I've been cutting and assembling subroadbed templates for the upper level from Shenandoah Junction to just north of Ridgemont. Once I get the 3rd PlanIt  templates assembled, I've been marking 3/4" plywood and cutting subroadbed. At this point, I've got all the upper level subroadbed cut from Shenandoah Junction to the north end of Ridgemont.

After cutting the subroadbed, I glued the templates to these pieces of plywood in preparation for installing the subroadbed on the layout. I've also calculated all the riser heights necessary for this portion of the layout, and I've managed to cut all the risers. This stretch of the mainline will eventually route the Shenandoah Division through its summit at High Meadow, Va.

I also have installed a few of the risers and the subroadbed at Shenandoah Junction itself, site of the crossing between the CSXT Shenandoah Division and the Norfolk Southern CR&E Division, resulting in some new mileposts being achieved. This installation work has been done in preparation for future work sessions which will see the NS CR&E Chareston, W. Va. staging yard subroadbed installed, along with continuing the risers and subroadbed for the CSXT mainline north of Shenandoah Junction.

Progress as of March 30, 2003

Overall view of Shenandoah Junction, Va. The mainline heads south towards Laurel at the left of the picture. The crossing with the NS CR&E Division is in the middle of the picture.


Close-up view at the Shenandoah Junction crossing area.


Another view of Shenandoah Junction looking southward. The piece of subroadbed in the foreground is the CSXT mainline, while the piece in the background will carry the NS CR&E mainline into the Charleston, W. Va. staging yard.


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