07/09/2002 Progress Report
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Some progress has been made on the Shenandoah Division since the 06/25/02 Progress Report was posted to the web site. 

On June 27, Jan came over for a work session. He and I installed 3 sets of risers and cleats for the Wadesboro staging loop. We then installed 4 pieces of plywood subroadbed for that loop. We also installed 4 risers for the subroadbed between Salem and North Salem, and we spliced together 2 of the 3 pieces of subroadbed in that area.

On June 29, Cherie and I glued the templates down at Salem and at the SX Cabin area in North Salem. I cut additional splice plates, cleats, and risers. I cut two triangular pieces of plywood subroadbed for the Wadesboro staging loop. I laid 4 pieces of Vinylbed at Wadesboro and 2 pieces on the No. 1 track at Salem. Roadbed has now been installed almost to the crossover at the CSL Salem Intermodal Terminal.

On June 30, I laid 3 pieces of Vinylbed at Wadesboro and 2 pieces at Salem (1 at the south end of the intermodal terminal, and 1 on the No. 2 track at SE Cabin). I taped together additional templates for the Wadesboro staging yard, and I glued these to the plywood subroadbed. I dismantled the Wadesboro staging yard throat from the old layout. I attached the splice plates and corner pieces at the Wadesboro staging loop. I cut a filler piece of plywood to transition from the full-width subroadbed to the "cookie-cutter" at Salem. Cherie sanded more Vinylbed.

In some spare moments on July 2 and 3, I laid a total of 5 more pieces of Vinylbed at Wadesboro.

On the afternoon of July 4, I laid 6 pieces of Vinlybed at Wadesboro. I dismantled the following from the V1.0 layout: the Winchester staging loop, the north end of Salem Yard and the Shenandoah Junction to Covington section.

I also dismantled the Shenandoah Junction to Laurel portion of the old layout. This essentially completes the dismantling of the original layout! I also trimmed more templates for the North Salem yard. I moved the wiring supplies and tools into one of the rolling storage carts in preparation for the long anticipated beginning of track laying and wiring.

On July 6, I cut 4 splice plates. I installed 2 splice plates at the Wadesboro loop, and I applied some wood filler to try to even out the lip between the two pieces. I also laid about 6 pieces of Vinylbed at Wadesboro. I built a riser with 2 cleats, and I screwed down the roadbed at SY Cabin to three risers. I worked on installing the first switch machine and turnout at Wadesboro--largely experimenting to see how much adjustment the switch machine would need. Cherie sanded more Vinylbed, which is allowing us to reuse about 95% of the roadbed from the first layout.

On July 7, I laid 3 more pieces of Vinylbed in the Wadesboro staging yard throat.


Progress as of July 4, 2002

Here's what the original layout has been reduced to after dismantling. Note that this does not include the New Castle peninsula, which will be reused in the current layout.


More Vinylbed has been installed at Wadesboro.


Overall shot of the Wadesboro staging yard.


Here's a view looking north at Wadesboro.


Overall view of the newly installed subroadbed at the Wadesboro staging loop.


The peninsula side of the Wadesboro staging loop subroadbed.


The wall side of the Wadesboro staging loop.


Progress as of July 7, 2002

Here's the Vinylbed that's been installed in the SE Cabin area of Salem looking northward. The foreground track is the lead to the CSL Salem Intermodal Terminal; the middle track is the No. 2 track, and the background track is the No. 1 track.


Looking south towards SE Cabin at Salem.


Here's the partially installed roadbed and risers at Salem.


Here's an overall view of the partially installed roadbed and risers at Salem (right) and Roanoke Junction (directly ahead).


Here's an overall view of some track work being started at the Wadesboro staging loop. Track is only temporarily installed at this point while we're experimenting with the installation of Peco switch machines.


Close-up view of the first track that has temporarily been installed at Wadesboro.


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