06/25/2002 Progress Report
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Good progress continues to be made on the Shenandoah Division since the 06/02/02 Progress Report was posted to the web site. During this period, Cherie and I did quite a bit of work on the layout, and I held one evening work session.

On Thursday, June 13, 2002, Rich came over to help me at the evening work session. He and I installed risers at North Salem Yard. We also installed 16' of plywood subroadbed at North Salem from the Roanoke Junction area north to middle of yard, covering about 2/3 of the eventual yard area there. 

We would have finished the job had I thought ahead and cut splice plates for the subroadbed :-(, so I did that on the following Sunday afternoon. I also cut additional risers to have enough to complete North Salem Yard at a later work session. I also cut 2 vertical support braces for the Salem peninsula, and since I was in a wood-cutting mood :-),  I cut 2 pieces of plywood subroadbed for remaining part of North Salem Yard. After sawing all of that wood, I then installed 3 splice plates at North Salem.

I also cut the remaining risers for the Roanoke Junction area and another support for the Salem peninsula.

On June 18, Cherie and I installed some additional paper templates at Wadesboro staging yard. These templates have the location of the roadbed and track marked on them, and they needed to be installed before I could continue laying roadbed at Wadesboro.

On June 19, I installed the 3 vertical support brackets to help stiffen the Salem/Wadesboro peninsula. I will need to add some more of these to improve the stability of this peninsula. I also installed 4 pieces (about 10-12') of roadbed in the Wadesboro staging yard.

On June 20, I laid 3 more pieces of Vinylbed in the Wadesboro staging yard throat. I worked on dismantling the V1.0 Wadesboro staging loop unit.

On June 22, I laid 4-5 more pieces of Vinylbed in the Wadesboro staging yard throat. I also cut the plywood subroadbed for the Wadesboro staging loop. I finished dismantling the Wadesboro staging loop from the V1.0 layout, and I started dismantling part of the staging yards from the old layout. Cherie sanded Vinylbed from the old layout.

On June 23, I laid 5 more pieces of Vinylbed in the Wadesboro staging yard throat. I continued dismantling parts of the staging yards from the old layout. I am reusing the Vinylbed roadbed from the old layout, and I will be able to reuse the old flextrack in the new staging yards. The old Peco code 55 turnouts will be sold so that more Atlas code 55 turnouts can be purchased.

On June 24, I laid 4 more pieces of Vinylbed at Wadesboro, including the last piece for the yard throat. I continued dismantling parts of the old layout staging yards.


Progress as of June 17, 2002

Overall view of 16' of plywood subroadbed at North Salem, looking towards Roanoke Junction on the back wall.


Close-up view of the newly installed subroadbed at North Salem, looking back towards SN Cabin.


Close-up view at SX Cabin area of North Salem.


Overall view of one of the main aisles. North Salem is to the left, Roanoke Junction is straight ahead, and Salem is to the right.


Progress as of June 19, 2002

Vinylbed roadbed is being laid in the Wadesboro staging yard throat.


Close-up view of Vinylbed pinned into place while the Aleene's Tacky Glue dries.


Another view of the Wadesboro staging yard throat.


Wadesboro staging yard looking northward.


Progress as of June 22, 2002

More Vinylbed has been installed at Wadesboro.


Looks like the track laying crew is test fitting the turnouts at Wadesboro.


Overall view of Wadesboro showing the work in progress.


Progress as of June 25, 2002

All the Vinylbed roadbed has now been laid at the Wadesboro Yard throat. Some tracks have had the roadbed extended.


Looking northward at Wadesboro. Eventually, a backdrop will hide this area from viewers at Salem (top center and right of photo).


Here's an overall view. The track laying crew has stockpiled turnouts and rerailers in preparation for a track blitz.


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