11/12/2002 Progress Report
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Several projects have been started since the last progress report and some have resulted in additional mileposts being accomplished.

I laid 5 pieces of code 55 flex track in the Arrival/Departure yard, which completes the track for this portion of the yard in North Salem.

Cherie and I have been priming and painting masonite for use as fascia and backdrop sections. The masonite soaks up paint, so we've had to use two coats of primer. One coat of blue seems to be sufficient for the backdrop, but the fascia is requiring two coats of green.

I have started installing feeders on the layout. The first two sets of were installed at SE Cabin in Salem, and I have installed feeders on both mainlines from SE Cabin to the curve in front of the Market Street Station in Salem.

I have installed the risers and plywood subroadbed from SN Cabin to MC Cabin around the short peninsula coming north out of North Salem. I also installed the Vinylbed roadbed in this area as well as the start of the code 55 flex track for the mainline and Mason Creek Lead.

I have also spent time cutting and installing additional fascia support boards in preparation for installation of the masonite fascia in the near future.

Rich came over for a work session on Friday, November 1. He and I worked on installing the Catawba peninsula. We put 3 cleats on the back wall to tie the peninsula into the wall. We shortened the peninsula supports by 3/4", and then we installed the first 5 peninsula supports. We tied the supports together at the top and along the front edges with the fascia support boards (8' on each level on the Catawba/High Meadow side). We placed the 6th support, but didn't tie it in because I needed to determine where the plan dimensions were did not match the actual room dimensions.

Cherie and I installed the first three sections of backdrop at from SE Cabin in Salem north to SY Cabin in the area behind Salem Stamping & Fabricating.


Progress as of November 5, 2002

Overall view of the short peninsula north of North Salem showing the current extent of Vinylbed roadbed near MC Cabin. The track in the foreground is the Mason Creek Lead, while the rear track is the mainline heading north out of North Salem.


Both mainline tracks and the two arrival/departure yard tracks have been completed to SN Cabin in North Salem.


Another view of the peninsula at North Salem. MC Cabin is on the left where the Mason Creek Lead joins the mainline.


View of the start of the Catawba peninsula. The clamps are holding templates in place. The templates are used to space the peninsula supports from each other and from the wall.


Another view of the Catawba peninsula. The Catawba Creek Viaduct will be built in the lowered benchwork to the right. There is a three foot wide aisle between the peninsula and the benchwork on the wall.


Rear view of the wall end of the Catawba peninsula.


Close-up view of the Catawba peninsula.


Progress as of November 12, 2002

The first section of backdrop was installed in the SE Cabin area at North Salem. Eventually, the mainline will disappear into the Wadesboro staging yard through another section of backdrop here.


Looking north from SE Cabin in Salem showing the first three sections of backdrop that have been installed.


Another view from SE Cabin.


Looking south from SY Cabin in Salem.


Current end of track just north of SN Cabin in North Salem.


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