05/03/2002 Progress Report
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Since the last report, quite a bit of progress has been made on the Shenandoah Division. I've done some work by myself in between projects on our new home and yard, and I've held three work sessions. I try to cut wood to the correct dimensions ahead of the work sessions, and then we'll install the benchwork when I have help at a session.

At the April 11, 2002 session, Jan and I installed 3 more peninsula supports at South Salem and about 5 support brackets at Salem. We had to call it a night when we realized that I need to trim the remaining brackets to better fit the kneewall of the house at Carpenter.

I have spent several more evenings working on dismantling more sections of the old layout. I still have more of this to do, but I am making progress.

At the April 25, 2002 session, Jan and I worked on installing the fascia support boards and the top plate for the final set of 3 peninsula supports at South Salem. We also rearranged the support brackets at the staging yard return loops over the attic access door. Swapping two of these brackets was necessary to get the proper amount of room for the staging return loops.

I have begun cutting risers in preparation for installing the plywood subroadbed for the Wadesboro staging yard. I have also cut 6 pieces of 1/8" 2' x 4' hardboard into ~12" x 48" pieces for backdrop sections.

I installed the two fascia support boards on the return loop brackets above the attic access door.

Rich, Jan, and I installed the final 5 brackets for on the long kneewall for the Salem/Carpenter area. We also installed four 8' fascia support boards in this area. We also anchored the South Salem/Wadesboro peninsula with 2 screws in each of 4 peninsula support feet. 

At this point, we have essentially completed the supporting benchwork for Phase I of the Shenandoah Division. There are a few more braces to install, but we will now be able to install risers and subroadbed in preparation for the track gang to begin work. I am excited that we have reached this stage and can begin to see the layout design "come to life."

Overall view of the completed benchwork. Salem is on the lower level at the left, with Carpenter above. The South Salem/Covington/Wadesboro/Connellsville/Winchester peninsula is to the right.

Overall view of the completed peninsula benchwork.

Another view of the benchwork.

Rich obviously gets into building benchwork. 
Bruce and Jan are holding up the layout. :-)

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