08/15/2004 Progress Report
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Covington Yard and Industry Trackage Completed!

With the Wadesboro Yard completed (see the 07/31/2004 Progress Report), CSXT Shenandoah Division crews have been busy working on the track in the town of Covington, Virginia. As usual, a variety of projects are either underway or completed, but the biggest news in this update is that the CSXT crews have completed all the track work at Covington.
As of August 15, 2004, CSXT track crews completed the installation of all the remaining yard trackage in Covington. In addition, all industry track in Covington has been completed. This trackage includes the spurs for the Westvaco paper mill complex, the spurs for the Wampler Longacre feed elevator, and the siding for Blue Ridge Extruders. The slide switch turnout controls also have been installed for all turnouts in Covington.

The signal maintainers have begun their work in Covington as well. All track and turnout frog feeders have been installed. The next task for the signal maintainers will be the connection of the power bus to the Covington yard and industrial tracks.

With the track in Covington completed, CSXT track crews will turn their attention to the large Virginia Eastman chemical plant in Carpenter, Va.


Photos of Progress as of August 15, 2004

Overall view of Covington looking southward from the north end of town.


Another overall view of Covington. The cars in the picture are sitting on yard track 1. Immediately to their left is the passing siding, with the mainline located to the left of it. There are two more yard tracks to the right of the cut of cars along with the industrial lead serving Wampler Longacre (the two spurs nearest the backdrop in the foreground) and Westvaco (the three spurs in the background).


Close-up view of the Covington yard area.


Another close-up view of the Covington yard looking northward from the vicinity of Potts Junction.


Overall view of Covington looking northward with the cut of cars removed.


New Rolling Stock

Athearn's new Boston & Maine 50' SIECO Box Car.


Athearn's new Norfolk & Western 50' SIECO Box Car.


New Atlas Southern Railway 50' ACF Precision Design Rib-Side Box Car.


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