08/23/2002 Progress Report
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Significant progress has been made so far in August. More benchwork and track have been installed.

On August 9, I laid 3 more turnouts and 4 pieces of flextrack at Wadesboro. I unsoldered feeders from about 1/3 of the code 80 track salvaged from the V1.0 layout. This track will be used in the staging yards on the V2.0 layout. I also finished working on an area of the Wadesboro loop where I had to apply wood filler to smooth the transition between two pieces of plywood.

On August 10, I laid several more sections of flextrack, along with rerailers, at Wadesboro. I use a 2' section of flextrack coming off of the turnout and then insert a rerailer. I then lay another piece of flextrack (usually 3') before inserting another rerailer. I also laid a second piece of code 55 flex between Wadesboro and SE Cabin at Salem.

On August 11, I cut two fascia support boards for the north end of Salem and south Carpenter in preparation for an upcoming work session. I also laid 3 more pieces of flextrack and 3 more rerailers at Wadesboro.

On August 12, Cherie and I glued the templates down at the Wadesboro loop area.

On August 14, I laid 1 rerailer and 1 piece of flextrack in Wadesboro. I also laid 6 pieces of Vinylbed at Wadesboro loop.

On August 15, Jan, Rich, and Scott came over for a work session. Jan desoldered feeders from all the rest of the track from the V1.0 layout so that it could be reused in the staging yards. Rich and Scott attached fascia boards at the north end of Salem and south end of Carpenter. They also attached one of the mini-peninsula supports to the cased opening, and they corrected the orientation of the joists on the other mini-peninsula support. Rich, Scott, Jan, and I installed the 5 wall brackets in the other room in the MC Cabin/NE Ridgemont area. I also laid 1 piece of Vinylbed in Salem.

On August 16, I laid 6 pieces of Vinylbed in the Salem area.

On August 17, I laid 22 pieces of Vinylbed in the Salem area around to North Salem at SX Cabin and in the Wadesboro loop. This effort included both the No. 1 and No. 2 track, as well as the yard lead. I also laid 1 turnout in the staging yard at Wadesboro.

On August 19, I started laying the mainline at the south end of Salem. I laid about 2.5 pieces of code 55 flex and 2 #7 turnouts in the SE Cabin area.

On August 20, I laid 2.5 pieces of code 55 flex and 2 more #7 turnouts to take the No. 1/No. 2 tracks to the crossover south of the CSL Intermodal Terminal.

On August 21, I laid 1.5 pieces of code 55 flex and 2 more #7 turnouts to take the No. 1 track to SY Cabin and the No. 2 track to the CSL Intermodal Terminal lead.

On August 22, I laid 2 pieces of flextrack and 3 more #7 turnouts to take the No.1 track to the crossover at SY Cabin and the No. 2 track to the yard lead at SY. I also laid 2.5 pieces of Vinylbed to complete the roadbed for the CSL Salem Intermodal Terminal.

Finally, on August 23, I laid 1 piece of flextrack between the yard lead turnout at SY Cabin and the crossover on the No. 2 track, which leads to the milepost of having both mainlines laid from SE Cabin to SY Cabin at Salem.

With the start of track-laying, the momentum has returned to the construction of the CSXT Shenandoah Division, and I expect to continue to make good progress into the fall.


Progress as of August 23, 2002

The first benchwork has been installed in the back room. The lower level here is the MC Cabin area at the extreme north end of the Salem Terminal, while the upper level will be the north end of the Ridgemont, VA passing siding.


Another shot of the new benchwork on the left showing the first of the supports for the mini-peninsula and the newly installed fascia supports in the background on the right.


Overall view of the Wadesboro staging yard. 10 of 13 turnouts have now been installed, along with portions of 7 of the 13 staging tracks. The rolling stock is on the rear track.


Vinylbed roadbed has been laid into the curves of the Wadesboro staging loop.


Here's a view of the mainline at SE Cabin looking northward.


Another view of the south end of double track in Salem at SE Cabin.


Crossovers between No. 1 and No. 2 tracks in the vicinity of the CSL Salem Intermodal Terminal (roadbed in foreground) and Salem Stamping & Fabricating (roadbed behind the mainlines).


Looking northward towards the end of track at SY Cabin.


Current end of track at the crossovers at SY Cabin in Salem. Visible in the background is roadbed at Wadesboro.


Looking southward from SY Cabin towards SE Cabin at the far end of the picture.


Vinlybed roadbed has been laid to SX Cabin in North Salem (on the left).


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