01/01/2004 Progress Report
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Golden Spike Driven on 12/31/2003!

CSXT Shenandoah Division crews have been busy since the 12/21/2003 Progress Report. A variety of projects are either underway or completed, but the biggest news in this update is the driving of the Golden Spike near the north end of Covington! This event marks the completion of the installation of mainline track from Wadesboro, N.C. to Connellsville, Pa. and Winchester, Va.

Track crews which had been working northward from Covington and southward from the Connellsville/Winchester yard. Track joining the north end of Covington with the mainline coming south was installed and the Golden Spike driven at 1623 EST on 12/31/2003, resulting in a major milepost in the construction of the Shenandoah Division.

To review the timeline leading to this occasion: The first major work session for this railroad was held on January 19, 2002, with the first benchwork installed on March 2, 2002. Installation of track began on August 4, 2002, and now less than 17 months later, the final segment of the CSXT mainline has been laid. There is still much work to be done to get the railroad back into operation, but management is very pleased with this achievement and timeline!

Signal Maintainers Continue Progress

While the track crews have been making visible progress, the signal maintainers continue their work to activate the control systems of the Shenandoah Division. Recent deliveries of Digitrax equipment have led to several projects. A DB150 Booster and associated power supply have been installed. In addition, a new PM42 power management module has been installed on its control panel board, and it will be placed into service as soon as a companion BDL162 detection module is installed.


Progress as of December 31, 2003

Overall view (looking southward) of the north end of Covington showing newly completed CSXT Shenandoah Division mainline leading into the Connellsville/Winchester staging yard.


View looking northward of the Golden Spike location.

Sign commemorating the installation of the Golden Spike just north of the north end of Covington, Va. The Golden Spike is to the left of the orange line on the roadbed.

Close-up of the Golden Spike, just to the left of the orange line on the roadbed.


Overall view of the end of the peninsula showing Covington on the left and the Connellsville/Winchester staging yard on the right.


Current end-of-track at the south end of the Connellsville/Winchester staging yard.


View of control panel board after terminal strips for PM42 and BDL162 have been installed.


Control panel board with PM42 installed on the right. A BDL162 will be installed on the left which will provide train detection from SE Ridgemont to NE Covington.


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