11/24/2002 Progress Report Page 2
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Progress as of November 24, 2002

Overall view of Catawba peninsula. This view shows that all of the supports have been installed at this point, but they are not tied together with fascia support boards yet. The Abbott side of the peninsula is closest to the camera.


Another view of the new peninsula from the Catawba side, looking south.


Here's a view of the future Catawba area, looking north towards the end of the peninsula.


The mainline has been laid as far north as the turnout at MC Cabin. MC Cabin is the north end limits of the Salem Terminal.


Here's another view of MC Cabin. The Mason Creek Lead has almost been laid all the way to MC Cabin.


Here's another view of the end of the Catawba peninsula with the MC Cabin peninsula in the foreground.


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