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Towns and Industries On The CSXT Shenandoah Division


Towns on the CSXT Shenandoah Division are listed below from north to south. Passing sidings are located at towns in italics. Passing siding length in terms of 55' cars allows for 4 locomotives (24") as well.


Passing siding length 
(in 55' cars, allowing for 4 locomotives)

Passing siding length 
(in actual inches)
Connellsville, Pa. & Winchester, Va. -- -- North end staging yards
Covington, Va. 37 193" Interchange with Potts Valley Railway (PVRY)
Carpenter, Va. -- -- Interchange with Virginia Eastman
Ridgemont, Va. 39 202"  
High Meadow, Va. -- --  
Shenandoah Junction, Va. -- -- Junction with NS CR&E Division
Laurel, Va. 30 149.5"  
New Castle, Va. 28 142.5"  
Abbott, Va. -- --  
Catawba, Va. 38 195"  
Hanging Rock, Va. -- --  
North Salem, Va. 91 435" Double-track from SN Cabin at the north end of North Salem through SE Cabin at the south end of Salem, Va.
Salem Terminal Cabins:
MC Cabin
SN Cabin
SX Cabin
RJ Cabin (Roanoke Junction)
SY Cabin (Salem)
SE Cabin (Salem)
Roanoke Junction, Va. -- -- Junction with NS CR&E Division
Salem, Va. -- -- See North Salem, Va.
Wadesboro, N.C. -- -- South end staging yards


The total mainline length from the Connellsville/Winchester staging yard to the Wadesboro staging yard (not including either yard) is approximately 280 feet, which is about 8.5 scale miles. All passing sidings are at least 30 feet apart, which is roughly 2 train lengths. (A scale mile is 33 feet long in N scale.)

The Potts Valley Railway (former CSXT Potts Valley Branch) interchanges with CSXT at Covington, Va. The Potts Valley Railway (PVRY) runs south from Covington to Potts Creek, Va. to serve local industries as noted below in the towns of Glade Springs and Mill Ridge.

Staging track "slots" are designed to hold a nominal train of 4 locomotives plus 33 55-foot cars, although some "slots" may hold up to 35 55-foot cars. 

55-foot cars were chosen as a measurement to allow for a mix of shorter tank cars and covered hoppers as well as longer automobile parts cars. Coal hoppers work out to be about 50 feet long, which will allow more hoppers per train. However, autoracks and piggyback flats are about 95 feet over the couplers. As a result, intermodal train lengths will most likely be figured in terms of "platforms" which will still work out to be about 55 feet.



The on-line businesses on the Shenandoah Division are heavily oriented towards the forest products and chemical industries, but other industry segments are represented as well.

Town Industry Ships Receives
Potts Valley Railway:
Potts Creek, Va.
Norfolk Southern Interchange traffic Interchange traffic
Mill Ridge, Va.
U.S. Silica Sand --
Glade Springs, Va. (PVRY) Walton Furniture Co. -- Plywood
Glade Springs, Va. (PVRY) Collins & Aikman Auto parts Plastics
CSX Transportation:
Covington, Va. Blue Ridge Extruders -- Plastic pellets
Covington, Va. Wampler Longacre -- Grain
Covington, Va. Westvaco Paper products Wood chips
Sulfuric acid
Covington, Va. Potts Valley Railway Interchange traffic Interchange traffic
Carpenter, Va. Virginia Eastman Chemicals Coal
Ridgemont, Va. Old Dominion Forest Industries Wood chips --
High Meadow, Va. Blue Spring Wood Products Pulpwood --
Laurel, Va. Appalachian Power Company (Laurel Plant) -- Coal
Laurel, Va. Dixie Plastics & Forming -- Plastic pellets
New Castle, Va. Georgia Pacific Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Wood chips
New Castle, Va. Roanoke Cement Cement --
Abbott, Va. Craig Creek Chip Co. Wood chips --
Abbott, Va. Martin Marietta Gravel/Ballast --
Catawba, Va. James River Paper products Wood chips
Sulfuric acid
Catawba, Va. Valley Feed Co. -- Feed
Catawba, Va. Catawba Propane -- LPG
Catawba, Va. Alleghany Building Supply -- Lumber
North Salem, Va. CSXT Diesel Shop -- Diesel fuel
North Salem, Va. Science Diet (North Salem Cat Food Plant) -- Feed
North Salem, Va. CSX Salem BIDS Terminal -- Grain
Salem, Va. CSL Salem Intermodal Terminal Trailers
Salem, Va. Salem Stamping & Fabricating Auto parts
Scrap metal
Steel plate
Coil steel

Note: Additions and corrections will be made to the industry list as the layout plan is developed.


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